Its me, Thats right! Its based off of me… RETRĀC, the name is based on life experiences and personal knowledge of the brand. Not be mistaken, RETRĀC is not an actual word in the english dictionary or even spelled correctly in the matter. “RETRĀC” came from the owner and creator of RETRĀC CLOTHING, RETRĀC is spelled backwards from Carter, me. I was diagnosed “if thats what you want to call it?… with dyslexia, the definition is


/dɪsˈlɛksɪə/general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.”

RETRĀC is based of the actual word retrace, retrace is defined as “re-trace  To go back over (the same route that one has just taken). Discover and follow (a route or course taken by someone else). Trace (something) back to its source or beginning.”

These are just some of the reasons I have chosen to spell and design the name and brand the way that it is. Having the hyphenated A (Ā) gives RETRĀC a more worldly look as well as pronouncing it as (re-trace) using capital lettering because… well?  I like it that way… Now, that should give you a pretty clear understanding of the name and design. Lets talk about the Brand…


The brand of RETRĀC CLOTHING is based off numerous life experiences I have personally gone through in Travel. The same way that many people can probably share very similar stories. The brand is based off TRAVEL and making traveling more simplistic. Through most peoples experiences in that they can learn many life lessons, not being prepared enough or bringing to much, bringing to little, getting lost, property getting lost or stollen, meeting new people, learning about cultures and places. All of these experiences have taught me allot about myself and have brought me to who I am today and consistently growing as a person especially when traveling. Learn from your experiences and take what you learn about others and places you’ve been to better yourself and the way you TRAVEL and live your life…